High Altitude Hydrogen bomb test



In October 18, 1962: Founder Dr. Jim Burkhart PHD was stationed At Johnston Atoll in the Pacific as the US Air Force  conducts Shot Chama of Operation Dominic I and II - and Starfish Prime . these were relatively lightweight, small diameter hydrogen bombs meant to fit onto an ICBM. The tests, which took place during the Cuban Missile Crisis, yielded 1.6 megatons and created a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (nemp) that shut down hawaii's power grid over  933.97 miles away. This was just the beginning of a 48 year career as a nuclear and Quantum physicist.


Starting in 1985, he founded The Radon Measurements Lab at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Physics Dept. (UCCS). The Radon Measurements Lab has been serving the Colorado area for over 3 decades and has helped in publishing many articles, protocols and courses about the concerns and effects of radon world-wide. This makes The Radon Measurements Lab one of the most prestigious and longest continuing operating radon laboratories in the Country.  

Our facility is now housed in the El Paso County Health Department, furthering our goal in providing the most scientifically accurate results possible in a controlled lab environment.  

Additionally, the Radon Measurements Lab follows strict quality control/quality assurance programs to ensure the most accurate results, using cutting edge technologies and custom developed software.  

We are proud to work with several local Realtors, mitigation and Home Inspection companies that strive to protect homeowners from the very hazardous but fixable radiation emitted from Radon. In fact, Colorado as some of the highest concentrations of Radon in the country.  

Where are the highest radon levels in Colorado Springs? 

Every Area of Colorado Springs has been tested and “high” levels have been found in every area. Our Lab has measured over 100,000 homes in , and around Colorado Springs, and has found no area which has low radon for all of its houses. However, if you live along the foothills, you probably will find your radon levels to be quite above the EPA recommended “action level” of 4.0 pCi/l . Residents of, for example, Peregrine, Mountain Shadows, the Mesa, the Broadmoor, Broadmoor Heights, and houses in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain would be expected to have radon levels twice, or more, the EPA “action level” of 4.0 pCi/l.  

The only way to be sure of the radon within your home is of course to test. Our lab offers reliable accurate tests kits with 24 hr turnaround times located right here in Colorado.

We look forward to having you as a new client and are very grateful for our current long lasting faithful ones.    

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